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We have acquired technology to provide virtual walk-through's on the web.
The web viewer above allows you to virtually walk around the facility, share specific indoor views with other persons and determine a route from one location to another. We believe such virtual walk-throughs can further marketing outreach by allowing interested customers to inspect available space via the web.

Job description

We would like product walk-through videos produced to help communicate to customers how to use the product. We currently envision two vidoes.
  1. Screen recording
  2. Asset tagging

Video1: How to navigate around using IndoorViewer

A screen recording video walk through of the indoor viewer, a base video for potential clients showing how to navigate around the viewer.

Video2: Asset tagging

A walk-through showing how to tag in the viewer and explaining the indoor viewer potential and advantages.

Application requirements

Please provide us with references of similar work if any, where it was produced, a product demo online.  The same should be a technical product but not necessarily a website.