What is Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering is the process of architecting and delivering solutions to real-life problems by togethering off-the-shelf and/or custom-made hardware, software and data; people, processes and procedures; facilities, materials and naturally occuring entities.

Click the link to read the excellent Wikipedia article on Systems Engineering.
The ISO/IEC 15288 standard contains a more formal definition.

Model Based Systems Engineering

We architect and implement solutions using the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach. The MBSE methodology scales well to any project size and complexity. It is heavily used in the Automotive, Aerospace and Defence & Security domains.

Our work starts with gathering input from stakeholders (including CxO level executives) and domain experts (requirements engineering). We then design system parts and define how these parts can interact with each other (interfaces). Output from our work are architecture and project management documentation (Project plansStatement/Scope of WorkRFP's, Requirements tables, System behavior and structure diagrams in SysML).

During the development of a system often new requirements are discovered and others dropped. Our model based approach with fully bidirectionally tracable requirements (including traceability to design elements) allow us agility in adapting system architecture and design.